I started Beach Stone Press as a vehicle for publishing books and articles on career and life topics.

My first book, Your White Coat is Waiting: Vital Advice for Pre-Meds, is designed to help pre-med students avoid making mistakes and employ proven strategies to strengthen their chance for gaining admission to medical school. Co-authored with my father, Dr. William Kirby, our book provides targeted information for individuals evaluating whether a career in medicine is right for them, high school students who plan to be pre-med in college, collegiate pre-med students, post-baccalaureate pre-med students (career changers), and parents seeking to learn more about the medical school admissions process.

I also publish articles on Medium. These are more focused on giving readers a glimpse into unusual careers as well as the relationships between people in different industries and their clients.

I would be happy to connect with you, whether you have questions, similar interests, or just want to chat. Thanks for stopping by!

With gratitude,
Kirsten Kirby