Kirsten E. Kirby, M.S.Ed.

I have been passionate about storytelling and writing my whole life. As a kid, I wrote many short stories and poems and also was constantly reading. During college, I majored in English with a focus on Old English and Old Norse Language and Literature. I love how through writing, people from many different time periods show us their unique view of the world and by doing so, make us think more about ours.

I have also always been fascinated by talking to people about their professional choices. How do you decide to be a doctor or dancer? A teacher or a tattoo artist? Or, in some cases, how do you manage to combine multiple areas within one career? My writing seeks to explore these topics in more depth.

In the case of my book, I distilled my years of experience helping thousands of students gain admission to medical, dental, vet, and other health professions schools. My articles focus more on telling stories about different people’s careers. I hope my writing sparks your curiosity and makes you reflect on where you are today and where you’re going.

A Brief Overview of My Background
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I have worked with the following organizations either as a full-time employee or on a contract/project basis:

  • Colleges/Universities – Franklin & Marshall College, Johns Hopkins University, Brandeis University, Swarthmore College, The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania
  • Medical Associations – American College of Physicians
  • Nonprofit Organizations – Wings for Success, Longwood Gardens

– Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude from Smith College; Phi Beta Kappa
– Master of Science in Education from University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education